Commitment to Innovation and Originality

Passion infused with perfection

Passion infused with perfection defines our unwavering commitment to excellence. At the heart of everything we do, lies an intense devotion that drives us to create, innovate, and refine without compromise.

Uniqueness in creativity

Our in-house design studio with a dedicated team of designers and merchandisers are constantly churning out new creations to cater to the current fashion requirements of the modern women.

Where comfort meets trends

With every step we take, we blend the fervor of our passion with the precision of our pursuit of perfection, resulting in outcomes that resonate with both heart and mind. It's not just about achieving the best. Shaping a world where excellence knows no bounds

Crafted Foundations
Journey of cultivating knowledge and refining our craft to achieve a level of sophistication that speaks to the very heart of what we do.
Passion Infused, Perfection Produced
Passion infused with perfection defines our unwavering commitment to excellence.
Passionately Perfecting Every Detail

Passion Unleashes Perfection

With creativity at the core of our actions, we leave footprints of
innovation that endure long after the journey is over, shaping a world
that celebrates the art of thinking differently

Innovative and Captivating

Just as every step leaves an imprint, so does our commitment to
innovation and originality leave a mark on every endeavor we undertake.

Elegance imbued with expertise

Every endeavor we embark upon is a testament to the fusion of refined elegance and unparalleled skill. We believe that true expertise goes beyond mere proficiency – it encompasses the finesse of execution that only comes from a deep understanding and dedicated practice.

Precision Infrastructure

To position ourself as a truly world-class brand, we at Raw Hide strive to achieve global standards in quality, cost, service and scale of operation.

Each product is carefully screened through high quality control whilst not compromising in the realms of hygiene and safety.

An experienced and skilled workforce is involved in the manufacturing systems and is carrying out responsibilities with high dedication, cooperation and craftsmanship.

Our Philanthropy

At Raw Hide, through passion and diligence we delight in impacting diverse communities. Sensitive to the needs and preferences, we reach out to enable every woman to accentuate their own distinctive individuality.

We take pride in providing a conducive environment wherein each employee is valued and encouraged to grow by honing their skills.

Every shoe with the brand name Raw Hide expresses the responsibility and dignity each team member exudes in our manufacturing setup.

We are Raw Hide

The unique, exclusive design which has always distinguished Raw Hide products is obtained by combining style, creativity and innovation with quality and craftsmanship.

Brand Story

Raw Hide is present pan India in over 150 locations through reputed retail outlets which enable it to reach greater audiences.

Some of the EBO's that form a part of Raw Hide network are stores like Lifestyle, Central, Shoppers Stop, Venus Steps, Shoe Box, etc.

With core emphasis on expressing it's ingenuity through captivating designs, Raw Hide focuses on complete comfort to foster a rich customer experience

Our Associates